AML rules

AML & KYC Policy

Having regard for the safety of the users and due to the legal requirements by the Federal Republic of Somalia, and other countries, and recommendations of FATF, Yiksi Ltd has implemented and started to use KYC policy (customer’s identification), AML / CTF (combating money-laundering and terrorist financing) as it is required from banks and other financial institutions.
The purpose of those policies is an effective combating of money-laundering and terrorist financing (AML / CTF) on our exchange by proper identification of actual users of our accounts and supervision of their transactions. We shall identify and cease transactions made not only to purchase/sell a cryptocurrency but made mainly to hide the criminal origin of money, finance illegal activity or other unlawful behaviors.
Specific provisions of our policies are confidential and for internal use only, in order to prevent their avoidance by dishonest or fraudulent users. We would like to introduce to you some of the general rules and stipulations of our policies which directly concern you and affect the services we render.

Transactions’ monitoring and supervision

Using our exchange audit platform, we analyse all transactions that take place on our exchange looking for suspicious and unusual behaviours. Such selected transactions are analysed by our AML specialists and evaluated if they do not provide significant AML / CTF risks or if they needed to be ceased and clarified with the User.
Additional verification

When your trade volume rises, our AML / CTF verification duties increase as well. The same happens when your transactions are “flagged” as suspicious or unusual, or our verification of your personal results in qualifying you as a person imposing significant AML / CTF risk. In such cases, we can require additional documentation proving your real, exact place of residence, education, occupation, as well as the source of money you are using on the exchange.
Unfortunately, if our AML specialists decide information received from you don’t clarify our doubts, we will be obliged to end our cooperation with you or even report your transactions to relevant authorities.

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